Where are you in the investment lifecycle?

The Distad Clay Wealth Management Group, A Member of D.A. Davidson & Co., has identified four stages of investing to help ascertain your present or desired situation, define current and long-term goals, and select the best course of action for your unique requirements. The Stages are:

Capital Preservation
Is it your objective to conserve capital while maintaining your purchasing power? The most conservative stage of investing; this is the point at which you attempt to play it safe with bonds of shorter durations and terms.

Conservative Growth (Slow & Steady)
Looking to take a “slow and steady” approach? Are large swings in your account value simply out of the question? Growth is fine; however continual progress is the main focus at this stage.

Income (Moderate Risk)
Are you actively building your purchasing power? Do you want to be able to afford the same things in retirement that you enjoy now? Here you are willing to take moderate risks if they will help maximize your investment and aid in outpacing inflation.

Aggressive Growth (Greater Risk & Return)
Is strong growth your primary goal? Can you handle greater than normal fluctuations in the value of your account? At this stage of the cycle you understand the trade-off between risk and return and you are willing to accept a higher degree of risk.



Each stage varies in diversification and level of risk, growth, and preservation of capital. Wherever you are in life, whether launching your career, preparing to retire, traveling the world, or saving for the kids’college fund, your priorities shape your strategy.

Like the rings of a Sequoia evolving with every passing year, each stage provides for some possibility of growth. From your ability to weather risk and your desire for growth, your focus may shift from planning for the future to living off of your investments. Whatever your needs, The Distad ClayWealth Management Group, A Member of D.A. Davidson & Co.,  will work with you to create a plan that will help you meet your goals. Your ongoing planning will change and evolve over time. We work with you to discover the right investment strategies at the right time, whether you’re just starting out or have established your roots.