Exhibits & Events

Artists Choice - A collaboration of local artists

Displayed until February 22, 2020

Featuring the artwork from Duane Dammeyer, Tasia Erickson, Mary Kolada Scott, Sparkle Taylor, Anette Power, Christine Apostolina Bierne, Virginia Beale, Rex Kochel, Hiroko Yoshimoto, Kay Zetlmaier, Roxie Ray, Gina Niebergall, Ray Harris, Patricia Distad, and Pat Richards Dodds.  

If you like more information about an art exhibit or how you can purchase an art piece, please email Tiffany Lopez at tlopez@dadco.com



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Future Events

Spring Wine Walk - Spring 2020

Social Security Event - Summer 2020

First Ventura County Youth Juried Scholarship Competition   - Fall 2020